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Whether you are a current business owner or looking to start out, Kim and the team at Mani Business Services have the right advice and a wealth of knowledge to help build your profits towards a sustainable living. For those with a fresh business idea, we can help gather market research to ensure your new enterprise is viable, then work together to guide your business build in an honest, reliable and authentic manner. Mani Business Services has a vast network of contacts for small businesses to connect owners and management personnel to a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and ongoing support. We want you to succeed! For existing businesses, our business advisory services offer problem-solving for your complex accounting concerns and helps you create an action plan to move forward and prosper. We know how to ask the right questions and offer practical, easy-to-follow business advice for your situation. As your business advisor, it is our job to provide encouragement and enlightenment, as well as plenty of support and explanation to often confusing and complicated back-end affairs! Contact Director Kim Woodrum to learn more about our personalised business advisory service.

Business advisory services

Mani Business Advisory - Clarify your goals
Clarify your goals

First and foremost, we need to understand your business goals. Through comprehensive, honest, one-on-one discussion and careful financial analysis, we clarify your business direction and help set goals to build upon.

Mani Business Adviosry - Improve practices
Improve practices

Once we have all the data, we offer a fresh perspective on current business practices and suggestions on improving viability through easy-to-manage changes. We also offer training to help you better understand your business and your role within it.

Mani Business Adviosry - Build structure
Build structure

A solid financial framework is so important for business success. Our business advisory service brings a bounty of knowledge and expertise across bookkeeping, accounting and business strategy to safeguard your prosperity.

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Business Advisory - Our promise to you

Whether you are a sole trader or an enterprise of many, Mani’s business advisory services promise to deliver honesty, loyalty and understanding as you build your legacy. Through personalised, client-centred, genuine care and advice, our team of business advisors is here to help you gain wisdom, know-how and value in your chosen specialty. It is time to clarify your goals, improve current business practices and implement new structures and processes that will bring exponential rewards. We know what it takes to run a successful business from the inside out through effective, practical, time-tested business advice and one-on-one coaching. With us on your team, you are well-equipped to manage and build your livelihood with minimal stress and maximum joy. We look forward to working with you!

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